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Use Your Business Card


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Simple But Powerful Business Secrets Revealed!

Learn How To "Use Your Business Card"
To Promote Your Business, Drive Traffic To Your Website, And Generate More Money Than You Ever Imagined!


Would You Like To Make Additional Easy Money?

Have you always wondered how some business people seem to attract customers and make money without even seeming to work at it?

Have you been looking for the secrets to their success so you can make lots of money, too?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then you're in exactly the right place!

You are about to learn the simple, no-brainer secret to making HUGE amounts of money using one of the most basic business tools - your business card.

It isn't difficult and it isn't magic, but if you're willing to apply yourself and
use the key information in this book, the cash will soon start flooding in!

From: Chris Glasspool

Tuesday 11:06 AM

Dear Fellow Savvy Entrepreneur,

Can I show you an new and very rarely thought of way to make extra money you have likely been leaving on the table?

 Maybe you've looked for complicated, sophisticated ways to achieve success.  Maybe you work long hours every day, thinking that hard work alone will lead to amazing wealth.

I'm here to tell you that a simple, basic business tool is the key to making tons and tons of extra unclaimed money you have just been letting slip by in the past!  You don't have to take on a complex strategy, and you don't have to spend your entire life focused on work just to get your chance at incredible success!

Every day, people just like you discover the secret of making more money.  They are business owners, sales representatives, service providers, even small entrepreneurs running a local, hands-on, home based or Internet marketing business business.  This diverse group of people all have one thing in common: 

They already have access to the most important money making business tool ever created - the business card.  So why don't more people make lots of money using this tool? 

It's simple. 

They don't know how to use it effectively.

That's all about to change, though, thanks to an amazing new system that breaks the mold of "regular business models" and turns the simple business card into a powerful income generator that works for you in ways you've never imagined.

In fact...


Whether You Are An Experienced Business Person Or New Internet Marketer Just Starting Out, You Will Be Able To Use This System To Start Making More Money Right Away!

Now, some would argue that traditional business cards are becoming obsolete, with the tremendous shift to using the Internet, PDA's, and other electronic types of business tools.

They are wrong.  And they are right.

The traditional business card is still one of the most effective money making promotional tools out there.  Even in this new world of internet commerce, your business card is still the best and least expensive way to promote yourself and make more money.

The bottom line is there's opportunity out there for you to make huge profits!

You see, up until now people have used their business cards in old fashioned ways.  They meet someone new, they pass out a business card.  They go to a seminar, they pass out a business card.  It's almost comical to watch a group of people together, exchanging cards with each other in a flurry of activity that resembles a snow storm whirling around the room. 

There is a better way and you're about to find out where to get it... 

Now YOU can learn the secrets of using business cards to promote yourself and make HUGE amounts of money!


Use Your Business Card

Has The Information You Need! 

Inside this amazing book you will find a complete collection of information you need:

How to design a knockout business card...

Integrating your business card & your web site...

How to distribute your business card effectively...

Making the most of your personal contacts...

This is just a sampling of the vital information you won't find anywhere else.  Only Use Your Business Card has the information you need for effective promotion and increased sales!

Now, you can find all sorts of books, articles, and how to guides out there that claim to teach you how to market and promote your business.  Some of them even have a few ideas that could work in some circumstances.  But NONE of them contain as much practical information as Use Your Business Card.




Can you imagine earning enough money to live comfortably?

Do you want to spend more time with your family and less time at work?


I ordered Use Your Business Card and the very next day was able to put the easy, practical steps to work making money for me.  Now I work when I want to and make more money than I ever thought possible!  The practical tips and secrets of how to use your business card really work - thanks!

Sheila Fredericks, Alma, Wisconsin


Can Someone Like Me Really Make Lots OF Money Just By Using My Business Card More Effectively?

The answer is Absolutely, YES!

You see, most books make it sound complicated and difficult to market and promote your business, but the truth is, it's not complicated or difficult at all.

In fact, if you know the simple steps necessary to design the right business card and use it effectively, it is incredibly easy to do.

Let me be very clear about this - you're not going to make huge profits simple by passing out hundreds and hundreds of business cards willy-nilly.  You will have to put some effort into the process, but I can promise you it's astonishingly effective and easy to do.

Can you imagine how great it will feel to start earning the income you deserve?  What else do you dream about doing with all of the money you'll make?

Don't waste another moment, you can get started on your new life right away.

What Valuable Secrets Are Revealed In Use Your Business Card?

Just take a look at the actual Table Of Contents from this amazing e-book..

Chapter 1 - The Merits of Business Cards?
      Why business cards?
      Who benefits the most from business cards?

Chapter 2 - Business Cards In The Internet Age
       Some basics of online business
       How do business cards fit in?

Chapter 3 - Designing Your Business Card
       Designing for clarity
       Designing for communication
       Designing for effect 

Chapter 4 - Printing Pitfalls
       How many cards is enough?
       Printing costs - a general breakdown
       Reducing your costs

Chapter 5 - Basics of Website Marketing
       Entry points
       Integrating your business card and your website
       The costs of design



Chapter 6 - Making Contacts at Work
       What are the advantages of distributing cards at work?
       Two Principles of placement

       Maximizing personal contact
       Maximizing potential audiences

Chapter 7 - Making Contacts in Your Daily Life
       Maximizing personal contact
       Public spaces:  Maximizing potential audience
           - Food
           - Entertainment

Chapter 8 - Making Use of Your Existing Contacts
     Planned events
     Pre-existing functions
     Direct promotion

Chapter 9 - Some Unorthodox Strategies
     Unorthodox placement
     Internet promotion
     Even more unorthodox

Chapter 10 - Beyond Business Cards
     Direct promotion
     Website promotion

Here's just some of money making ideas you're going to learn...

  • How Business Cards Eliminate a Major Drawback of the Internet - learn how to use business cards to reach non-Internet users, dramatically expanding your audience and potential for sales.
  • Which Elements Make a Business Card Effective? - Of course your contact information is critical, but so is the design, attractiveness, uniqueness, and the finer details that make it memorable.
  • How To Meld Your Website and Your Business Card - Your business card and your website need to match each other in ways that clearly show they belong to the same business - yours.  Learn how to combine design elements from both for maximum effectiveness.

    I've always been sceptical of e-books, thinking their claims are too good to be true.  WOW!  Was I ever surprised at the quantity and quality of information in Use Your Business Card.  I've already started using the tips and guidelines in the book, and I know I'll see great results!  This is a terrific book that really delivers on its claims.

    Eric Franks, Vienna, Virginia





I'm sure you can see the power of this book.  Are you ready to finally take control of your financial success and get your business started making huge amounts of money you never thought of before?

The invaluable information in Use Your Business Card is so far-reaching, potent, and helpful that you can't help but get excited about what it can do for you!

Everything you need to know is in there, written in clear, everyday language that everyone can understand easily.  Whether you have been using business cards for years or are a total newbie to using them, this book will get you started making more money right away!

You deserve to have all the success, sales and customers that you could ever dream of.


Click Here To Order Now


Signup now to get our 5 day e-course that includes the most important facts and details you must know about getting funding for your business! Without this information you face serious obstacles to achieving the kind success and wealth you deserve! 


You may be thinking that Use Your Business Card is enormously expensive because it is so jam packed with great information...but I've got some very good news for you....

As you probably know by now, I always strive to provide extreme value in every offer that I put together and this time is no different.

While this course could easily be structured as a $2000 weekend seminar, I'm not going to go that route.

In fact, if you are decisive and take action today you are going to get the entire Use Your Business Card book for the incredibly cheap price of just $67.

Now doesn't that sound fair?

To top it all off, I'll even include the following bonuses at absolutely no charge for taking action today:

Bonus #1:

Viral YouTube Traffic -

The new Viral YouTube Traffic Guide
 Value $97.00

If you are trying to get attention on the Internet and traffic to your website, have you considered YouTube?

YouTube is one of the top 5 visited sites on the Internet, let me show you how to re-direct some of that traffic to your website starting today!


Bonus #2:

Reply Email Automator -
Full MASTER Reprint Rights
Value $197.00

We have only sold MASTER RIGHTS to REA to a handful of people before so you will be one of the first to have master rights to this great product. This is a $197 value.



Bonus #3:

The Niche Marketing Bonus Report

Full MASTER Giveaway Rights Value $47.00

This is a great tutorial that will teach you how to research Niche markets.  You now have full giveaway right to this incredibly informative report!


My Personal Guarantee To You..

Listen, if you don't agree that this it the most valuable resource for making money that you've ever used, simply email me and I'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot..  No hard feelings and no questions asked.

In fact, I'll extend this guarantee for an entire 12 months after you get everything!

That's right, 365 days to use and profit from these incredible secrets and information, if you do not feel "Use Your Business Card" has earned you at least 50 times what I am asking you to pay for it today, then I insist you ask for (and receive) an immediate refund.

And if you decide to opt for a refund I still want you to keep the 3 bonuses as my free gift just for giving this a shot.

There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me.

If you don't like my ebook for any reason, any reason whatsoever such as you can't organize your business plan, or is not making you the kind of money for you that you thought it would, or if its just plain not tall enough for you- then a refund is yours-

I am that sure- that when you see how powerful a money maker this guide is, you will not even think of wanting a refund!


It's Time For You To !Make The Money You've Always Deserved

Think about this, for a measly $67.00 today you can be on your way to transforming the way you use your business cards in the next 72 hours!

This is a small sum to pay, to start finally taking steps towards making more money without all that complicated hard work, setting you on the path to living out your greatest hopes and dreams!

With our Money Back Guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose and so, so much to gain!

Look at it this way -- $67.00 is really a painless drop in the bucket to be able to get your hands on Use Your Business Card  and start using it right away to improve your lifestyle! 


You Really Can’t Afford Not To Invest In
“Use Your Business Card”

It's easy to get started right away. Just click the order link below. Click here to order right now a paltry $67.00 (even if it’s 3:00 in the morning). 


Yes Chris, I Just Have To Have This Incredible Package! Count Me In Right Now!

There Are Two Easy To Order Below...

DELUXE EDITION -  Business Card Guide
instant download includes the eBook as above and also a high quality audio version of this book as spoken by a professional voice over artist.  Listen on your PC or load it into your IPOD or MP3 player for the gym!

Grab Use Your Business Card Deluxe Edition now for only $67.00

Here's a  sample of  the Use Your Business Card audio course:








Take Action, And Get Started Now! Not Tomorrow, Start Today!

You are minutes away from being able to have the wheels rolling on your amazing new approach to using your business cards most effectively.  Our guide will reveal the secrets that dramatically boost your profits.

Don't you owe it to yourself to try Use Your Business Card today?


Chris Glasspool


P.S. You will be so glad you can finally stop trying to get your business on the path to success the hard way. Don't spend weeks trying to "figure it out" let us show you the way!


P.P.S Limited Number Of Reprint Rights Now Available! How would you like to grab Reprint Rights to this incredible guide and be able to start selling it as your own right now? We have a limited number of reprint rights packages that are now available Click
Here For Details On Reprint Rights!


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