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The Guide to Stamp Collecting

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A Guide to Stamp Collecting 


Who else wants to learn more about the perfect hobby--one that offers a lifetime of enjoyment and fulfillment?



 For over one hundred and fifty years, people from all walks of life have been enjoying the absolutely wonderful pastime of stamp collecting.  Stamp collectors have a unique opportunity to relax, learn, enjoy and profit from their hobby.  It's time you joined them.

Dear Friend, 

Stamp collecting is a hugely popular hobby that has done nothing but grow over the past century and a half.  While other pastimes enjoyed during decades gone by have faded into obscurity, stamp collecting remains a great pastime loved by people of all types from around the world.

What makes stamp collecting so incredibly attractive?  

Is it the opportunity to work with "living pieces" of national and world history?  

Is it the feeling of belonging to a group of hobbyists around the globe who share a similar passion?  

Is it the chance to learn about interact with other nations?  

Is it the investment value of stamps?

Stamp collecting remains an undeniably amazing hobby for all of those reasons and a host of others.  It is a unique pastime offering a rare combination of traits.  

Unfortunately, too many people miss out on the fun and excitment.  They wrongly believe stamp collecting is too complicated for them.  They mistakenly believe the hobby will be far too expensive to enjoy.  They lack the information necessary to gain a foothold in this absolutely spectacular pastime.

I want to give you a chance to shed those misperceptions and to learn the ins and outs of this fascinating hobby.  

That's why I am offering you
A Guide to Stamp Collecting.

This is not just a brief guide to just a few stamp collecting basics.  
A Guide to Stamp Collecting provides a detailed examination of the hobby and its many facets.  Yes, you will learn the basics, but that is only the beginning.

A Guide to Stamp Collecting offers you:


cm What makes stamp collecting popular

cm The various kinds of stamps one can collect

cm The equipment a stamp collector needs

cm An examination of stamp grading and rating

cm Detailed instructions for valuing stamps

cm Helpful hints and common mistakes to avoid

cm Profiles of the world's most valuable stamps


The topics listed above only scratch the surface of A Guide to Stamp Collecting.  This is not a short ebook you can digest in a matter of minutes.  It is a full-featured legitimate reference designed to put you on the path to enjoying the pastime and to direct you to success after that!

You'll learn critical information that will allow you to go from an interested bystander to a legitimate stamp collector right away.

A Guide to Stamp Collecting  will provide you with everything you need to add an exciting and enriching new dimension to your life.


A Guide to Stamp Collecting  provides you with all of the critical information you need and  can put to use instantly to begin your enjoyment of this beloved hobby.



This is the right time to make a decision.  Imagine the opportunities for recreation, relaxation, education and even profit.  Learn what you need to know about stamp collecting for only $29.97.

If you are in anyway dissatisfied with this e-book in anyway, you can get a complete 100% money back guarantee. All you have to do is ask.



There is no risk and there will be no questions or hard feelings and definitely no hoops!



Your happy or your money back!



A Guide to Stamp Collecting also comes with a special


If you order now you will also receive a free copy of Edward Nankivell's classic Stamp Collecting as  a Pastime.

This full length masterpiece is a foundation study in the nature and art of stamp collecting.  Nankivell's observations on the hobby make Stamp Collecting  as a Pastime one of the great philatelic handbooks.

Stamp Collecting as a Pastime is provided at ABSOLUTELY NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for buyers of A Guide to Stamp Collecting.





A Guide to Stamp Collecting

is delivered in PDF format and is viewable on any computer. All you need is Adobe Reader which is available free and already on most computers.

But so you know that you can order this e-book completely risk free I have included my...

my guarantee 
30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee



Chris Glasspool

P.S Remember--this ebook will provide you with the information you need to transform yourself into a stamp collector.  You can take up a hobby enjoyed for over a century and gain all of its benefits.



P.S.S.  You have a full 30 days to get 100% of your money back if you are dissatisfied in any way!








  Only $29.97

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