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Pilates a beginners guide


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Get Up, Firm Up and Join The Pilates Revolution, Today!



Sculpt Your Body With The Complete 

Guide To Pilates – For Beginners



From: Chris Glasspool

Wouldn’t you love to build strength and tone without bulking up? Are you fed up with your thicker-than-they-should-be thighs, abdomen or waist? Do you want to trim down and firm up targeted, problem areas? And wouldn’t you love to find a great workout for all ages and physical conditions? Well now you can look great and feel fabulous with Pilates, the revolutionary mind and body workout. The easy-to-follow book ‘Pilates: A Beginner’s Guide’ is the answer!

Pilates is an exceptional workout focused on harmony, both internally and externally. It helps shape your body and sculpt it, giving you a leaner, sexier physique. Pilates helps both men and women control their breathing, reduce stress, fatigue and tension while maximizing energy and stamina. It even boosts circulation, so you get that sexy, healthy glow. Pilates has helped thousands of men and women improve their confidence and their life! Are you ready to change your life? Get the ultimate Pilates guide for beginners, and get started right away.


Pilates the beginners guide

Pilates: A Beginner’s Guide

Your Ultimate Workout Companion!


Using ‘Pilates: A Beginner’s Guide’, you’ll discover one of the most gentle, gradual workout plans available.

  • Filled with rich, practical workout solutions,

  • guides you from beginner to routine Pilates practitioner.

  • Discover the origins of Pilates.

  • Learn safe, entry-level exercises.

  • Find out how Pilates can help strengthen and tone your body while improving your abilities in other sports.


You’ll also learn:

  • About the practice of Pilates, its philosophy, uses and health benefits

  • Basic Pilates instruction and principles

  • What your powerhouse is – and how to use it to your best advantage

  • Exceptional stabilization and muscle control techniques

  • How to begin from square one

  • Key terms, definitions and fantastic warm-up exercises

  • Powerful and gradual beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises

  • Ways to address special circumstances

  • The benefits of the Pilates mat and machine

  • How Pilates compares to other exercise forms

  • Answers to your most frequently asked questions


Learn how quality is better than quantity, why you should never push your body harder than it can comfortably manage, and easy ways to take back your power. Find out why the gym or personal trainer isn’t always the best answer. This amazing ebook answers all of your questions and helps you dramatically improve your mental and physical health.


Discover The Remarkable Benefits of Pilates




Are you like thousands of people world-wide trying to keep up with daily obligations, with no time for exercise? Do you suffer from strains, pulls and pains? Are you pregnant, injured or otherwise limited? Are you looking for an exercise that not only improves your outer health, but also your mind, spirit and soul? Then Pilates is the ideal workout for you, and ‘Pilates: A Beginner’s Guide’ can move you in the right direction.




While it’s growing more and more difficult to squeeze even the shortest exercise routine into our busy lives, Pilates gives you flexible and personalized workout routines. Learn to achieve total balance. Because Pilates requires no heavy exercise equipment or workout partners, you can practice it anywhere, at any time – either at home or while traveling. Routines are safe, easily integrated into your daily schedule. Start on your path toward total body fitness through Pilates and discover strength, body awareness, increased mobility, flexibility and muscle elasticity, improved posture and overall tone. Get started right now. Discover a leaner, healthier new you!




Pilates is a gentle, low stress activity, extremely popular among physical therapists. When practiced on a daily basis, you’ll see how easy it is to progress into the next skill level. With long-term practice, Pilates has been shown to prevent muscle injury and back pain. ‘Pilates: A Beginner’s Guide’ outlines gentle warm-up and stretching exercises, plus basic routines to help you achieve optimal strength.




Plus, Pilates is one of the few workouts that truly elevates your mind, body and soul. It’s based on mindful fundamentals, placing the mind over matter, maximizing breathing and circulation, promoting concentration, fluidity, control and precision. As each exercise firms and sculpts your body on the outside, it also balances your soul, leaving you more centered, confident and calm.





Now Available in Both Ebook and Audio Versions!





Still at One Low Price!





The perfect Pilates workout companion has gotten even better! Now you can download ‘Pilates: A Beginner’s Guide’ as either an ebook or professional audio book. Use the audio book to walk you step-by-step through your workout as you perform Pilates poses. Use the accompanying ebook to quickly skim the entire contents and find precisely what you’re looking for!




Audio books are sold in stores for $50 or more! Ebooks are another $50 plus. But now through The Downloads Store, you can download ‘Pilates: A Beginner’s Guide’ in both ebook and audio form for the unbelievably low combined price of $27.95!







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Download ‘Pilates: A Beginner’s Guide’ Instantly!




Order ‘Pilates: A Beginner’s Guide’ now – available for instant download! You’ll get both the ebook and professionally recorded audio download for the incredibly low, combined price of $27.95!




P.S. Remember, your health is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself. Reward yourself today with the fantastic, motivating Pilates ebook and audio download. You’ll love yourself for it tomorrow.




P.P.S. Do you have questions? We’d love to help you and are just a quick email away. Send your questions to us at




P.P.P.S. Remember, our one, extremely low price includes both the ebook and professionally recorded audio download. What a steal! Give it a try, today!

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